The ice cream shop

I looked at the ice cream shop at the end os the road it was empty so i went to get some ice cream one of the ice cream were it looked like a brown water suddenly i look out the window and Sora a red balloon it was tied to a tree i was frightened i had never been so scared so I kicked the ballon and it popped and then i herd a guy yell hay! what was that for he came running to me so i hid he lost me and he walked and he hid and waited for me to get out so i bolted away.

Moving house

The people next door are moving house there name is bob and Tim they are great neighbours I hop they go to a good street that people are nice and welcoming i went to there house to help them pack up so i could meet them from last time so I was going to pick up one of the boxes but it was heavier than I thought so I slowly dragged it behind the bushes then I slowly open it one tape bit at a time I flipped one flap at a time they were twenty five pond weights so i pit it back in the box and loaded it on the truck .