The alley way

There was a kid walking through an alley way. It was dark but at the end of the alley way there was a flash of light, then, darkness. Then a man started running out toward the kid so the kid ran away but he stopped then he turned  around the man was there and he said, “Do you need a ride?” Then the kid realized it was his dad that left him 5 years ago. So he said “Yes I do need a ride thanks.”

Then his dad said “It is ok, but do not tell your mum.”

Then the kid said, “Ok bye.”

One thought on “The alley way”

  1. Hi Sam,
    When I read your character’s final few words—“Ok, bye” I wondered if the character was saying goodbye forever since their dad wanted them to keep their meeting a secret.
    Keep your creativity going!
    Francine (Team 100)
    Twin Cities, Minnesota USA

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